Commercial Geothermal Program Changes (Manitoba Hydro)


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COMMERCIAL GEOTHERMAL PROGRAM upcoming incentive changes!

Manitoba Hydro has provided financial incentives for geothermal heat pump systems to commercial businesses for over a decade.

Effective February 15, 2016, the program will administer a change to double incentives for retrofit installations of geothermal heat pump systems. These program enhancements will include new design, installation & metering eligibility requirements.

Revised Geothermal Heat Pump incentives will be based on a prescriptive structure and will be calculated as being the lesser of:

As of February
15, 2016
per sq. ft. heated by a geothermal heat pump system; OR
per MBH of installed geothermal heating capacity; OR
per MBH of the buildings eligible base transmission and infiltration heating load

Detailed information including all changes to incentive and program eligibility will be available February 15th on Manitoba Hydro’s Commercial Geothermal web page:

If you have any questions regarding the Commercial Geothermal Program please contact:

Samantha Wilson
David I. Anderson

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