To qualify for geothermal incentives in Manitoba, the installation must be performed by an accredited installer member of the MGEA who is in good standing.

As of July 1, 2011 the expanded Manitoba Geothermal Energy Incentive Program offers increased Grants to new and now existing homes and provides enhanced province-wide Green Energy Equipment Tax Credits as outlined below:

  • Existing & New Homes: Manitobans can now receive up to approximately $5,000 of incentives from the Province of Manitoba including a Green Energy Equipment Tax Credit worth about $2,400 and a $2,600 grant for homes in natural gas service areas.
  • Commercial Buildings: Owners eligible to receive up to 15 per cent of the value of their installed geothermal systems through refundable tax credits.
  • District/Community Geothermal Systems (where a minimum of three detached buildings are served by one geothermal system): Owners eligible for a provincial grant up to $150,000 and can also receive tax credits up to 15%.

Further Details on the Province of Manitoba incentives:


  • A Manitoba Green Energy Equipment Tax Credit up to 15% is available for the installation of eligible geothermal systems throughout Manitoba. This includes installations into most buildings including existing and newly constructed residential and commercial buildings.
  • The tax credit can be claimed through the income tax system either on the individual T1 income tax return or the corporate T2 income tax return. Individuals, corporations and not for profit organizations can claim the refundable tax credit for eligible geothermal installations. For more information or assistance on the Green Energy Equipment Tax Credit contact The Manitoba Tax Assistance Office or see


  • A provincial grant of $2600 for existing and new homes in natural gas service areas that install an eligible geothermal system, where the installation is completed after June 30, 2011. New homes in natural gas service areas that install an eligible geothermal system from January 1, 2009 to June 30, 2011 qualify for a grant of $1000.
  • A provincial grant up to $150,000 for district/community geothermal energy systems. The district/community geothermal energy system must serve a minimal of three detached buildings along with other requirements.

Send an application to the Manitoba Geothermal Energy Incentive Program to apply for a geothermal grant.

For a Grant Application Form, a Grant Guide or additional information on the Government of Manitoba geothermal incentives please click here.