Consumer Permit Awareness

The Manitoba Geothermal Energy Alliance requires accredited installer members to take out a permit for all geothermal installations (new, retrofit, and replacement). Any member registered as an accredited installer needs to remain in good standing to qualify for Efficiency Manitoba’s GSHP program, Manitoba Hydro loans and Provincial grants; as a membership requirement for accredited installers, failure to take out permits can affect their membership status resulting in consumers being unable to obtain these incentives, loans and grants.

If you are in the process, or have had a geothermal system installed (after 2014), please contact us to ensure your geothermal contractor has taken out a permit.

When a request is received from a consumer, the Manitoba Geothermal Energy Alliance can review our records to check for a permit. If a permit is found, you’ll be provided a copy of the permit application. If no permit is found, the Manitoba Geothermal Energy Alliance will contact the member to investigate on a case by case basis.

To check for a permit, please use the online form below, or one of the following methods:

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 1-204-334-5194
Toll Free: 1-877-334-4186

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