Keynote Speaker – Paul Jordan

MGEA ConferencePosted October 23, 2019 | Archived Post

Paul Jordan

Paul Jordan – The Forks CEO

Paul Jordan was appointed CEO of The Forks North Portage Partnership in 2014 after a varied career with The Forks beginning in 1991.

With a passion for Winnipeg’s continued development, and for tapping into the elements of this city that make it unexpectedly interesting, Paul has been active in the creation of waterfront access projects, connecting neighbourhoods through place making and various modes of active transportation, cultivating and inviting collaboration with Winnipeg’s creative community, and reframing the way we see winter – from a burden, to an asset; something that sets us apart.

Paul has chaired organizations including Rivers West-Red River Corridor Association, Winnipeg Trails Association, and Manitoba Music.

Paul served as Chief Operating Officer for The Forks from 2004 – 2014, overseeing site operations and programming in addition to capital developments and planning. He has been instrumental in the creation and implementation of Target Zero, The Forks’ environmental vision to reach zero carbon emissions throughout the site. Prior to joining The Forks’ team in 1991, Jordan was a private sector business owner.

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